Our Fight Against Infertility

We have been married for 10 yrs. We have a beautiful 9yr old daughter, who is just amazing. We are ready for another addition to our family. We are ready to go, we just need a little help. With two failed IVF cycles and an IUI, we arent sure whats next!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I know...I am the worst blogger ever!

Im so sorry. I have been very busy and have not had time to update. Yes, I am still pregnant. I am really starting to believe it now. I feel terrible. I am also completely ok with that. I went back to the Dr. a few weeks ago, just to go ever everything. Z and I will go in a few weeks for our sequential screening. It is an in depth ultrasound and blood test. It is an early test for Downs and some other disabilities. We are really looking forward to it. I am 9weeks and 3 days pregnant today. I am starting to get a little bump, but it is mostly fat:) I am starving all of the time, but cant think of anything to eat! Ughh, very frustrating, but once again, I can deal with that. I m having a baby!!!!

Im sorry I havent put the ultrasound pictures up yet either, but as soon as I can scan them I will!

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