Our Fight Against Infertility

We have been married for 10 yrs. We have a beautiful 9yr old daughter, who is just amazing. We are ready for another addition to our family. We are ready to go, we just need a little help. With two failed IVF cycles and an IUI, we arent sure whats next!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Back from Vacation and Back in the saddle

Well we are back from our trip! We had an amazing time. We floated down the river in Austin, we played in the pool in Houston and we ate alot!!! I have come back very relaxed and 5 pound heavier. It really was a great trip. My niece and nephew have grown SOOO much sine I last saw them at Thanksgiving. I will not go that long without seeing them again.

I had an appt with my RE the morning after we got back. I though it was just a routine appt, I was wrong. He was doing a sonohystogram. It was not pleasant and not expected. First he gave me some injections to numb the area the he put a camera into my cervix and into my uterus. OUCH!!!! It was very uncomfortable. My uterus looked good. So that was a relief. Our 3 embryos we transferred last time did not stick, so we were just double checking that the lining of my utereus was ok. I guess it is, because I start my lupron injections on August 12th! I cant believe we are doing this again! I am very happy and very nervous. I just pray that it will work this time. I will be back when I start my injections!!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Texas Here We Come

Well, we leave for Texas on Thursday. We are flying to Austin to see my brother, sister in law and my precious nephew and niece. We have a great trip planned with them. Then we are all driving to Houston to visit my Mother and Father in Law and some extended family! I'm very excited. It will be nice to get my mind of everything for bit. We will be gone 8 days. which is great.

I will be getting my period while we are gone. Which means......I'm starting the birth control pill. What that really means is we are officially starting our 2nd IVf cycle! God I hope it works this time! I will be on the pill for a few weeks and then add in the really good meds! I hate the injections! But they will be worth it if it works this time.

So I will be updating when I return home from our trip. Hopefully AF( my period) will arrive like its supposed to and everything will go as planned.!